Time-saving, sales-boosting kitting services

Cut packaging costs, boost sales, and save time using our efficient, 100% reliable kitting services.

Time-saving, sales-boosting kitting services

Cut packaging costs, boost sales, and save time using our efficient, 100% reliable kitting services.

Streamline your supply chain, simplify your life

Kitting—or assembling multiple items in one ready-to-ship package—can be a hassle for the business owner who has a million and one other tasks to complete at the same time. Our kitting services not only ease up your schedule, but free up your space and save you money by making the order fulfillment process more efficient than ever.

Our kitting services include:

  • Package consolidation
  • Product bundling
  • Light assembly
  • Subscription boxes
  • Customized items
  • Product tagging
  • Price stickering
  • Packing slip labeling

Whether you need help with light assembly, product bundling, or simply sticking on labels, we’re happy to put together a customized kitting plan that serves your needs and reduces your packaging costs.

What is kitting used for?

Kitting is the process of assembling multiple individual items or pieces in one “kit” or package. Retailers use kitting for a number of different purposes, including the following.

Package consolidation

When someone orders multiple products from your business, it’s much more cost-effective to bundle all the products together in one package. At Compass, we always opt for the packaging option that will maximize your profits and minimize your fulfillment costs. If a customer orders multiple items, we’ll package them together automatically.

Light assembly

Some products, like furniture, may require light assembly before you send them out to the customer. Often called build-to-order or made-to-order products, these items make order fulfillment more efficient while giving your customers more options to choose from. If you have products that require light assembly of separate pieces before shipping, Compass can help.

Product bundling

Offering multiple items for one price encourages customers to spend more on your products, especially if you market the bundle at a slightly discounted rate. After all, no one can resist a good deal. Using proven logistics tech and leveraging our experienced team, we can pre-bundle products together for delivery so they ship out in less time than ever.

Subscription boxes

Subscription orders, such as a monthly skin care package or snack sampler, are convenient for your customers and great news for you, as they help keep your cash flow steady. Compass can track, assemble, and ship subscription packages so all you have to worry about is reeling in the profits.

Customized items

Letting consumers customize their products is another popular way to boost sales, but it often means a little more work on your end. When you partner with Compass, you can leave the details to us and trust that your customer will receive the item they ordered, exactly as they ordered it.

How can kitting help your company?

Relying on Compass helps your business run more efficiently. Our kitting services can help you:

  • Cut packaging costs
  • Ship orders out more quickly
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Save storage space
  • Increase cash flow
  • Increase order value by bundling together multiple items

It’s easy to see how your business can benefit from kitting. But without an effective system, kitting can turn out to be more of a headache than it’s worth. Assembling and bundling items by yourself takes up valuable time, which can quickly drive up fulfillment costs—not to mention wear you out. Outsourcing your kitting to a reliable logistics provider like Compass delivers all the advantages of kitting with none of the disadvantages.

A tried-and-true system

When you rely on our kitting services, you won’t have to worry about a single step of the process. As soon as one of your customers orders a package that requires kitting, we’ll identify the items, pieces, or components that need bundling and get started. Working out of our conveniently located warehouses, we’ll use tried-and-true methods to prevent packaging errors and get your products shipped out in the fastest time frame possible.

Watch your business soar with dedicated kitting services

Outsourcing your kitting needs can help you reduce costs, fulfill orders more quickly, and boost sales. Let Compass help you create a customized kitting plan that will keep your cash flowing, your bottom line climbing, and your business thriving.